Friday, August 20, 2010

ack! teeny update

whoops! Hello there folks - it's been a rollercoaster!

I'm on vacation now - in Nova Scotia with my parents, and then out to BC for a bit (coast to coast!) - but I'll post intermittently as I've brought my laptop with me so I can keep working on scholarship thingees, and bloggy thingees.

I'll have some photos and some last words about Snail Trails: the awesomeness, and other things that I've been thinking of/reading about/talking to folks about/learning about.


SCHOOL IS COMING!! I can't believe how excited I am for it. Righteous.

Nerd out for now - more to come

1 comment:

  1. Noah you sound as excited as a kid in a candy store ... in fact you sound like you've eaten too many lollies from said candy store!
    I do so love your excitement! hee hee!
    Donna :) :)