Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the octopus's garden in Victoria

We were brought to this totally AMAZING playground in Victoria on Vancouver Island while we were out there - I have become increasingly fascinated by outdoor play, playgrounds and outdoor learning environments since Teacher Tom bent my brain around some great ideas (and here, here and here) and I found Arcady's blog. Irresistible Ideas and Let the Children Play have also been huge sources of inspiration and fascinated reading and wondering.

So check this out - Octopus, Salmon, and Cadborosaurus concrete climbers and a huge boat playstructure, all poised on the edge of the beach looking out onto the Pacific. AWESOMENESS.

I mean, it's practically heaven. I wish that I was 10 years old and had had all day to hang out here, climbing and playing and seeing how deep the Octopus's arms went under the sand. Ridonkulously great.

If you're out in Victoria anytime soon, go check it out - it's super-fun.

Nerd OUT on the playground


  1. I see what you mean - I wish I was 10 years old again too, and had a playground like this nearby :) Thanks for the shout out in your post!

  2. Now that does looks ridonkulously great!!! You don't see too many playgrounds like that these days Noah. I agree with you and Jenny, every 10 year old should have a local playground as cool as this ... and I also thank you for the shout out.
    Donna :) :)