Friday, February 4, 2011

oooohhhh - like a little sleeping bunny buried under an enormous pile of research notes, schoolwork and readings


It has been several, several months since I last tuned in to this part of my life, the documenting part.
Well - never fear, I am returning. Not like you've been waiting...but I have been gently asked by a couple of friends when I was going to post next. I appreciate the helpful nudge folks, so I am on my way back to the blogosphere with o so many tales to tell.

But not this second, as I am at my community research/policy year placement at the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care stealing time while I write this excuse. So I ought to get back to it. Never fear, I will return soon with pithy observations about my adventures in school, learning, education, play and small developing humans and all that goes with them.

see you soon!
really, I promise.

Nerd out...ooooof!

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