Friday, March 19, 2010

end of the japanese visit

Well - our Japanese guests have gone home. This is a picture of the origami jumping frogs they taught us to make, in presentation to the students of the Ryerson School of ECE, on Monday.

It was an amazing experience. Wednesday was the biggest day of all with visits to the Gerrard Resource Centre in the morning, and Invest in Kids in the afternoon. The Gerrard Resource Centre is a family resource centre operated out of Ryerson University, and we went to see their site in a local school. Invest in Kids is a national charitable organization, dedicated to improving life for children in Canada by supporting parents. Both visits were pretty interesting, and I felt really lucky tagging along - I learned so much!

When we got back from Invest in Kids in the afternoon (which is a terrible story, but all worked out in the end) the faculty and students split up to do their own things. While the Ryerson faculty were going to have a serious dinner with the faculty from Urawa, we got to take the students out for dinner and to the ROM. We asked them what they wanted to eat and they requested that we go for POUTINE!!!! So we did. This is what we ate.

We took the subway to the ROM, which is free on Wednesday nights so that was pretty wonderful considering how large a group we were. In the short time that we had we passed through the dinosaurs, explored the Bat Cave and the interactive biosphere exhibit, and dropped them off at the hotel at the end of the night having had a really great time. I am totally wiped out however. I'm still sick, and after the intense push of mid-terms and projects and this - being responsible for folks all day with whom you don't share a verbal language, even with interpreters, is surprisingly exhausting - well, today I'm staying home. RELAXING. And probably doing some readings for school. WOW! What a week!

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